Wheelchair Ramp Rental Service

American Access has become a household name in the wheelchair rental arena by providing modular wheelchair ramps on a national level with service second to none.

With over 14 years experience and thousands of installations nationwide, American Access is the company to turn to for your rental need.

Strategically located outside of Memphis, TN, the distribution capital of the United States, we can respond to your urgent or standard need using our staff installers or our national network of Dealers and installers.  Our response time is setting industry standards and American Access has quickly become the leading rental company that others try to imitate.

Our system is set up with little or NO disturbance to the landscape of the home.  We do not dig holes or pour concrete.  Our system is a FREE STANDING system with only the leg supports and their pads creating a footprint on the lawns.  When removed, the home is returned back to it's normal use.

Call our national servcie center today to request your wheelchair ramp rental quote.  If one of our local Dealers or installers are located in your area, we will direct them to you.  With some basic information gathered from you we can give you an estimated cost of your rental project in minutes over the phone.

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