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American Access is a US manufacturer offering the MOST COMPLETE LINE of modular wheelchair ramps.

Residential Ramps 


This wheelchair ramp was customized with our powder coating option and picket railings.  Safe and beautiful, this ramp adds a touch of class to the home. 

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Ramp Rentals 


American Access has over 1,500 installers across the United States.  Just when you thought you were too deep in the woods to have someone help you, American Access delivers.

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Commercial Ramps 

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Providing you with wheelchair ramps, steps, walkways, stadium access and bleacher access, American Access can meet all of your commercial needs with our Entrada Commercial Series.

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Coming Soon, The Patriot Series Modular Ramp

The American Access modular ramp lines are taking on a new look.  This summer we will be discontinuing 2 of our brands to combine them into 1 new system.  The Legacy and Classic ramp brands will be discontinued as of June 10th.

We will be introducing our new line, The Patriot series late May 2016.  More details will follow in late May 2016.